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Confident and responsible use of AI depends on sound public policy. EY engages with our global stakeholders to inform the development of AI policies that promote transparency, serve the public interest, foster trust in markets and build a better working world.
Building the foundations for trusted artificial intelligence in the UK

Response to government white paper: a pro-innovation approach to AI regulation

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Adapting the UK's pro-innovation approach to AI regulation for foundation models

Ten recommendations for UK policymakers to strengthen proposed regulatory approaches

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Developing a US artificial intelligence accountability ecosystem

AI accountability policy response to the US National Telecommunications and Information Administration

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Safe and responsible AI in Australia

Considerations for developing a robust governance framework based on ethical principles

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G7 guiding principles for organizations developing advanced artificial intelligence

Establishing guardrails on advanced global artificial intelligence systems

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Frameworks for artificial intelligence in South Australia

Establishing effective state and federal frameworks for ethical artificial intelligence use

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