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Our skilled teams enabled by innovative technology and flexible global delivery service centers can help you manage financial crime risk in a cost-effective, sustainable way.

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Financial institutions must confront increasingly complex compliance requirements as they are being held to stricter standards of accountability in matters of financial crime. At the same time, customers are demanding a better customer experience.

This environment has forced financial institutions to build (or improve) a wide variety of complex, yet crucial, capabilities:

  • Reliable and consistent controls
  • Repeatable high-quality processes
  • Improved customer experience with streamlined digital interactions
  • Cost savings through optimization and automation
  • Enhanced transparency and governance via a robust operating model and detailed, actionable reporting

But most financial institutions still face considerable challenges as they seek to better control the operational side of fighting financial crime.

We are the industry leader in anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) services. Additionally, as tax crime becomes a greater focus within financial institutions, our experience with tax transformation can yield vital insights for the financial services industry.

We have led financial crime transformation and remediation programs at 7 of the 10 largest financial services organizations and more than 20 regional institutions.

We bring a depth and breadth of technical and delivery experience, as well as a vast network of subject-matter resources, to deliver a set of integrated services that can address your needs. Our industry experience, credibility and advanced, technology-enabled offerings deliver increased effectiveness and efficiency for financial institutions as they manage the many risks of financial crime.

  • Financial crime industry and regulatory leadership:
    We are a worldwide leader in addressing financial crime. Our global regulatory network of 3,600 professionals who focus on financial crime connects jurisdictions around the world and provides insights to many financial institutions and regulators. Our Tax Transformation team numbers more than 900 and is dedicated to helping clients identify and capture sustainable tax function improvements and innovation.
  • Global reach and scale:
    We offer a global, consistent platform delivered through regional hubs with more than 4,000 operations professionals worldwide. We can scale workforce across geographies and have a flexible model that delivers services on/offshore to balance cost, service levels and language needs.
  • Quality and controls:
    We deliver exceptional client service in a consistent and professional manner. This means we are intently focused not only on driving desired business outcomes through the technical and functional proficiency of our services, but also on how we interact with you while providing those services.
  • Technology-enabled innovation:
    Our advanced systems and analytics leverage cutting-edge technologies such as robotic process automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable financial services organizations to disrupt financial crime more quickly, more effectively and more cost-effectively.

Our Financial Crime operations platform includes sophisticated technology to address four key areas of financial crime risk management:

The platform also includes an overarching workflow management component.

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