EY Oceania Value Realised Scorecard - 2023

Our commitment to transparency

The 2023 EY Oceania Value Realised Scorecard, represents our ongoing commitment to transparency and meeting the changing expectations of our stakeholders. The Scorecard details our performance across metrics that reflect our commitment to our people, climate, and society, and benchmarks our progress towards the ambitious targets we set for ourselves.

The EY organisation is guided by our purpose of building a better working world – a world where economic growth is sustainable and inclusive. This is the lens we use to develop and evolve the services and solutions that help clients deliver better outcomes for their stakeholders. It drives us to continue improving our own working world by developing skills and support for the wellbeing of EY people. It inspires us to give back to the communities in which we live and work.

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  • Download 2023 Oceania Value Realised Scorecard here

In sharing this year’s Scorecard, I am pleased to see signs of positive progress. But, as ever, we are striving to do better and understand where there is opportunity for improvement.

I am extremely proud of what we’ve achieved in the 2023 financial year, and I am immensely grateful to our partners, people and clients who have all played a role in our progress towards a better working world. Thank you for your interest in our performance; I invite you to read more about our business in this year’s Scorecard.

2023 Oceania Value Realised Scorecard

The Value Realised Scorecard details how EY Oceania creates long-term value for all stakeholders. At EY, we measure success by the value we create for EY people, clients and society - alongside financial performance. Download 2023 Oceania Value Realised Scorecard here

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