Capital allocation strategy report

How can CFOs drive strategic investment decisions that deliver long-term value amid ongoing disruption? Read more below.

Making the right capital allocation decisions — that drive long-term growth as well as increase shareholder returns and stakeholder confidence — is essential for the C-suite. To improve their company’s competitive position, executives need to remove barriers to agile investing.

A data-driven, consistent and enterprise-wide approach to capital allocation that focuses on qualitative and quantitative metrics can help companies make objective investment decisions, navigate disruption and drive long-term value creation.

Better innovation podcast with Jeff Saviano

Jeff Wray, global leader of EY-Parthenon, joins the podcast to discuss the power of ecosystems as a new growth enabler.

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6 factors that determine your company’s valuation

Helping executives understand how the market values companies, to enable them to make informed decisions to maximize shareholder value. 

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