Digital Audit student opportunities

Digital Audit is a team of innovative professionals who focus on applying current and emerging technologies. You’ll play a critical role and build a strong foundation for any business career.


What is Digital Audit?

Digital Audit focuses on helping our clients and teams by transforming our Assurance products and services through the development and use of data and technology.

What could you be doing?

  • Support clients identify and reduce risk in emerging technologies from cyber, blockchain, AI to data analytics
  • Test the ethics of artificial intelligence and machine learning implementations
  • Identify IT controls and help colleagues to plan responsive audit strategies
  • Support the creation of new products and services for our Assurance colleagues using data and technology
  • Assist with the development of bespoke custom analytics solutions for clients and industries

What will you bring to the team?

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • The ability to learn and apply new information quickly
  • Interest in technology, data analytics and information technology
  • Demonstrate ability to manage projects/assignments with good time management skills
  • Strong business process, numerical and analytical skills
  • Dedication to collaboration, teamwork and inclusive leadership
  • Qualifications

    • Accounting
    • Commerce/Business
    • Business Analytics
    • Data Analytics
    • IT/Information Systems/Business Informtion Systems
    This is a guide only and for more information, you are encouraged to speak to an EY representative at an upcoming event.
  • Where could you be working?

    All locations

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Your career journey in Digital Audit

As a graduate, you’ll be part of our 12-month graduate development program that has been developed for graduates in all service lines, and is focused on connection, learning and celebration.

The program will provide you with the opportunity to network with your peers from other service lines and geographies. Running in parallel to your technical learning, you will develop leadership skills to become a successful graduate, and as you grow as a transformative leader.

As an Digital Audit graduate, you’ll take part in:-

  • Project specific training in cyber security, blockchain, AI, data analytics, IT controls
  • Lunch and Learn sessions from in-house colleagues on ethics in AI, specific cyber threats, new technologies etc

As a vacationer, after our company induction, you’ll start developing an understanding of how our Digital Audit teams work and will be ready to work alongside teams on real client projects. You’ll meet other new vacationers from your office.

Your buddy and your counsellor will help you learn your way around the organisation, set your goals and plan your development while you’re here. You'll be well looked after with ongoing learning throughout the Vacationer Program with sessions facilitated by our Learning and Development team, Campus Recruitment team and service line specific training. The Vacationer Program is a great way to gain valuable audit experience, skills and networks to start building your career.

The working environment at EY can be summed up in two words, ‘collaborative’ and ‘inclusive’. At EY, I have found a place where questions are encouraged, and continuous learning is a central focus.

Conor McCarthy-Rymer, Associate


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