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    Vacancies and opportunities

    • I've just graduated, can I apply now or am I too late?

      You can apply to our Graduate Program within 24 months after you finished university at the time of application. You will need to apply when applications are open for our student programs.

    • Do you offer positions to international students studying at Australian universities?

      EY welcomes international students to apply for the EY Graduate Program, however they must also meet the following eligibility criteria

      • You will currently hold an Australian student visa
      • You will have full-time working rights within Australia at the commencement of the program with a minimum of 2 years remaining on your visa
      • You will have completed a Bachelor degree or higher with an Accounting or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) major from an Australian university
      • The degree was completed in Australia for at least the last two years
      • You are currently residing lawfully in Australia and have always complied with Australian immigration requirements
      • You have completed an English language test in the last 24 months and have obtained a ‘Proficient’ level of English, as set by the Department of Home Affairs (unless exempt)
      • You agree to submit an application either immediately upon completing your degree or upon your commencement date with EY for either a Temporary Graduate (Subclass 485) visa in the Post-Study Work Stream or the Skilled - Independent (subclass 189) visa
      • EY will not sponsor students for the purposes of residency. Successful candidates who are not permanent residents when made a graduate offer will be required to independently apply for and obtain permanent residency

      Due to client requirements:

      • we only accept applications from Australian citizens for our Core Consulting service line in all locations
      • and we are only accepting applications from Australian citizens for all services lines in our Canberra office (with the exception of Audit)

      We currently don’t accept applications from international students for our Vacationer Program.

    • Can I speak to someone about your recruiting process and available programs?

      There are several ways to find out more about our process and programs. 

      If you’re looking for answers about our student opportunities:

      • We regularly attend and host events, so you get the chance to meet people who are currently on our programs, as well as those with more experience of working at EY. See which ones we’re attending here.

      • Check our website for student opportunities as well as information about our programs and tips for applying.

      Another idea is to meet with your university careers advisor or talk to your lecturers or peers. They’re likely to have some insights on EY and some of them may even have been on one of our programs themselves. 

    • How do I find out which student and graduate programs are open for applications?

      You can visit the Apply here page to see the student programs that are open. Each program’s application dates may be different, so make sure you check the dates for the program you are interested in. 

    • Can I apply to more than one role at time?

      Yes, you will need to submit a separate application for each role you are applying for.

    • I’d like to apply to an EY office outside of Australia. How do I go about this?

      All opportunities outside of Australia are managed by our offices in that location. Visit the global website here, to find current vacancies and contact details for jobs based abroad.

      Application process

      • What happens once we receive your application?

        Once we receive your application, we'll send you a confirmation email. All eligible candidates will be invited to complete the Job Simulation (‘Learning on the job’). Once you’ve completed this stage, we’ll share personalised feedback that identifies your key strengths for the world of work, how you can develop them further, and tips and ideas for the strengths you can improve on. If you’re successful here, you’ll progress to our Recruitment Day, where we get to meet each other face-to-face or virtually. 

        It can take up to six weeks to hear from us as we have a rigorous recruitment process in place for our student program roles. 

      • How do I start the application process?

        First of all, you need to be sure about which program you want to apply to. Then, go to the ‘Apply here’ page and click on the location of where you would like to work. You’ll then be taken to our job portal where you can start your application by creating an account. You'll need to attach an electronic copy of your academic transcript, CV and photo ID. Applications for all of our programs must be submitted through our website.

        If you require any adjustments to equitably participate in the recruitment process, we encourage you to advise us at the time of application or for further discussion please contact us via contactrecruitment@au.ey.com or +61 3 8650 7788 (option 2). Any information you provide will be treated confidentially.

      • I’ve forgotten my password, how can I reset it?

        Click on the link to access your profile and at the login page, click ‘Forgotten password’. Follow the prompts and you’ll receive an email with the next steps. If you still have trouble accessing your information or you have been locked out, please contact us at contactrecruitment@au.ey.com.

      • I’m experiencing technical difficulties with the online assessments, what should I do?

        Please contact us at contactrecruitment@au.ey.com.

      • Do you offer work experience? What program would suit me best?

        Due to the number of student programs we currently offer, we do not offer student work experience. We would encourage you to consider applying to our Cadet Program when you are in Year 12 or your first year of university in Sydney or Melbourne (if you are studying a three year degree). Alternatively, you could consider our Game Changers Club or Career Compass Program. More information on these programs can be found here.

      • What if my personal details change during the assessment period?

        You can change your personal details online by logging into your account at any time. Please ensure your email address and mobile numbers are up to date, as this will be the primary method of communication with you.

      • How do I identify legitimate EY job opportunities and emails?

        There are internship and job scams that may involve an individual representing themselves as an employee of EY. They may use fake LinkedIn, Google+ or other social media and emails to contact you. Here are some common warning signs to look out for:

        • EY will never initiate contact with you via text message. 

        • EY will never ask you for money for training, classes, equipment, software, etc.

        • Legitimate EY professionals have email addresses ending in @ey.com or @au.ey.com. If someone claiming to be an EY professional or recruiter contacts you with an unsolicited internship or job offer and it seems suspicious, ask to be contacted via an EY corporate email account.

        • Be cautious of emails with grammatical and spelling errors.

        • The only way to apply for a position at EY is through our online applicant tracking system, which is accessible only from the student and experienced pages of ey.com.

        • All of our current roles are advertised on our job search page.

        Working at EY

        • How is EY structured?

          EY is a global organisation made up of member firms in more than 150 countries. Each member firm is owned by its partners and they have operational control of their business. However, in order to maintain the same high standards of service quality and delivery in each of our locations, we have a global governance structure. This consists of four geographic areas, each with an Area Executive that works in close association with our Global Executive, headed up by our Global Chairman and CEO, Carmine di Sibio.

          To support our efforts as a worldwide organisation, we also have EY Global, which works strategically with each of our areas to support consistency and excellent work in all of our activities around the world.

        • In which countries does EY work?

          EY has offices in more than 150 countries (with over 284,000 people working across them).

        • I have personal commitments that matter to me. What’s EY’s policy on flexible working?

          We understand that success is broader than what you achieve at the office. For many, family will always come first. That's why we support one another in achieving life balance, in reaching our personal goals, and keeping our personal commitments. We aim to be a flexible and understanding employer. 

          If you need to discuss flexible working options, we’re happy to find solutions that will work for us both. The key is communicating often with your team and supervisor and remaining flexible. We understand how having these options can make a real difference to your professional and personal success.  

          Learn more about flexible working at EY, here

          Student programs at EY

          • Do you offer vacationers or internships?

            Yes, but only for university students. They’re a great way to jump start your career with valuable experience and insights and if you do a great job, you could be offered a place on a graduate program once you’ve finished studying. Find out more here.

          • What responsibilities do vacationers have?

            The same ones as people currently on our graduate programs. That means you'll collect data, complete analyses, prepare presentations, and take part in meetings. You'll receive intensive training to help get you started, extensive coaching from people on your team and support with the next steps of your career. You’ll also be part of socials and fun activities to help you get to know fellow interns better and build your network.

          • Will I be offered a graduate role after I finish on the Vacationer Program?

            You may be. It all depends on how well your time with us goes. If you do a great job and are an excellent team player, there’s a good chance you’ll be offered a graduate position within the team you’ve been working for.

          • What kind of learning and development can I expect from EY?

            Excellence in learning and development is a core element of your experience at EY. With our award-winning worldwide learning and development programs, you receive the formal training you need through a variety of approaches in the classroom and online, including access to on-demand learning. You'll also learn through new experiences and on-the-job coaching and mentoring.

            Find out more information here.

          • What is the difference between Financial Services (FS) and Core?

            When you apply for a role, you may have the option to nominate a preference to work in either the Financial Services (FS) sector or Core Services.

            In FS, you’ll work with a diverse range of clients within the financial services industry across Insurance, Banking and Capital Markets, and Wealth and Asset Management. Our FS roles tend to have a more specialised focus; however, you’ll work on a truly global scale with multinational companies across Oceania and in some cases, Asia-Pacific. This means working in integrated teams and collaborating across different areas of our business.

            Our Core Services business is slightly different; roles here will give you access to clients across multiple industries (e.g. Construction and Infrastructure, Energy and Media and Telecoms), so you’ll get broad experience as you work across different business sectors. We’re a global business so while you’ll focus on clients within Australia, you’ll also have opportunities to work across other geographies where possible.

            Developing your career at EY

            • How will I grow as a professional?

              With lots of support from us. We aim to give you interesting and challenging work that allows you to continually develop your skills and knowledge. And we back up your day-to-day responsibilities with comprehensive training programs.

              Our commitment to lifelong learning means you’ll have access to EY Badges, to attain future-focused skills such as data visualization, artificial intelligence, design thinking and inclusive intelligence. You will have access to our suite of classroom and virtual training sessions and learning maps that can be tailored to your career journey. We offer support through further study from external learning organisations including Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand, CPA Australia, Master’s Degrees and other certificates.

              It’s called LEAD and it reflects a commitment to your development. We work with you to understand your individual strengths and aspirations and then offer you the right blend of experiences, learning and coaching to meet these. This approach will help accelerate your progress and support your career goals and aspirations.

              Find out more here.

            • Once I join, can I work in another country?

              We're committed to offering EY people international experiences. Once you've spent some time with us, you can apply for a short- or long-term secondment or international mobility program. You'll need a strong performance record to qualify. Speak to your counsellor and they will help you identify any suitable opportunities to enhance your career development with some international experience.

            • What influence will I have over my career progression?

              You own your career at EY, but developing it is a mutual commitment. You're responsible for telling us your aspirations, and through LEAD we’ll work out your developmental needs. As well as that, we offer a supportive, team-oriented and learning environment that will help you become a highly competent and successful professional. You’ll have lots of career options and wherever possible, we try to be flexible so you can balance the demands of work with your personal life.

              We ask that in return, you take responsibility for your professional and personal growth and for giving your best, every day.

              Life at EY

              • What are the typical hours in a working week?

                That’s difficult to say because there's no typical week at EY and your hours will vary according to the project you're involved in. During busy periods, you may be asked to work late, more regularly at client sites or in some circumstances, at weekends. By communicating regularly with your team and supervisor, you'll be able to understand their expectations and plan your time effectively, enabling you to manage your work life balance. 

              • What do people wear at EY?

                Our office dress policy is "dress for your day". This means you can dress in clothes that make you feel comfortable for the day you have planned. The exception to this rule is when you're based at client sites and we encourage you to adopt the client's dress code policy.

              • What’s the office social life like?

                It’s diverse and inclusive. EY offices are full of individuals with a variety of backgrounds and opinions united by a shared set of values. You’ll find lots of groups and networks built around interests ranging from hobbies, sports and creative or intellectual pursuits, to volunteer and support groups. Regardless of your background or areas of interest, you'll find colleagues who share them. 

              • What’s EY’s approach to diversity and inclusiveness?

                Our aim is to bring together the right people to create the best teams that give EY clients the exceptional service they expect.

                When we talk about diversity, we’re referring to the mix of people we have and when we speak of inclusiveness, it’s about how we make the most of that mix. It's about welcoming diverse viewpoints, and about how this leads to making better decisions for us and for EY clients.

                That’s why we encourage applications from people of all backgrounds, abilities and experiences. It creates a rich and diverse culture – one that can help you learn, develop and achieve your goals.

                We also believe in developing our people's cultural awareness and skills. We help them to be aware of their own assumptions, frames of reference and behaviours. It’s one more way of developing great soft-skills and a global mindset. 

                The workforce around the world is becoming more diverse than ever. We've therefore created an environment in which all people feel valued, are part of the community and are able to perform at their best. Wherever possible, we break down barriers. By having a more diverse business, we can better engage with clients across all demographics in a global economy.

              • What’s EY’s approach towards environmental sustainability?

                We recognise our responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment and we also see sustainability as an important business issue for EY clients. 

                On a global basis, we measure our carbon footprint and find ways to reduce it by: 

                • Locating our offices in buildings that meet the highest standards for sustainability 

                • Reducing the need for overseas travel, using video and teleconferencing instead 

                On an individual level, you can join one of the eco-teams in our offices that promotes responsible practices, or contribute your time to a charity or organisation that benefits the environment.