Datuk Rosa Ganendra

Director, Minconsult


Winning women Asia-Pacific Datuk Rosaline Ganendra

Minconsult is a leading Malaysian engineering consultancy firm that is popularly known as MINCO. MINCO is a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy firm with projects in Malaysia, Australia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan and Bangladesh. 

Datuk Rosaline Ganendra was exposed to an entrepreneurial environment from an early age and was inspired by her father, a pioneer entrepreneur, to get involved in engineering. When Datuk joined MINCO as a director she realized the need to expand the firm’s scope and range of businesses through a process of structural modernization and, together with her co-directors, was able to expand MINCO internationally.  

She is an advocate of women issues, gender equality and diversity in the workplace and introduced the first Women in Science Engineering and Technology International Conference (WiSET) in Malaysia in 2012. Datuk Rose is also actively promoting corporate social responsibilities (CSR) and charitable activities to provide much needed amenities and necessary infrastructure to improve living conditions with communities. 

Datuk Rose received many awards and recognitions for her work such as the EY Woman Entrepreneur Of The Year 2013 Malaysia, BELLA Businesswoman Award (2013), IEM Lady Engineer Award (2009) and the Darjah Mulia Seri Melaka (DMSM) Award (2006). 

“The way ahead for MINCO is two-fold. It lies in building stronger, better, superior foundations in what we know and in charting unfamiliar territory and making it our own. After all, engineering is a passion and an adventure for us. It always has been. We are committed to capitalize on our best practices and technologies in order to work towards a sustainable tomorrow.” Datuk Rosaline Ganendra, Director of Minconsult.