Carrie Edwards-Britt

Managing Director, The Amazing Baby Company and MGI


Winning women Asia-Pacific Carrie Edwards-Britt

In 2007, Carrie Edwards-Britt was introduced to a unique stroller from America called Baby Jogger, and even though she did not have any children of her own, her love for the baby product industry had begun. She was determined to make parents’ lives easier by delivering safe, high-quality products to the Australian market. 

Until recently, The Amazing Baby Company operated out of the same building as her father’s golf business, MGI, under whose tutelage Carrie developed her passion for business.  

The Amazing Baby Company grew rapidly and now boasts a portfolio of seven top-end, international brands, and two local brands that are distributed throughout Australasia. 

One particular brand however is dear to Carrie’s heart and is a creation of her very own. The Sponky range of books, toys and animated cartoon series has won a number of excellence awards in Australia and Singapore since 2015. 

Today, Carrie assumes the role of a managing director for both The Amazing Baby Company and her father’s golf company MGI, market leader in motorized golf buggies and golf GPS devices.  

Her vision is to be Australia’s largest independent distributor and manufacturer of baby goods, and to help MGI maintain its local stranglehold while forging a pathway in overseas markets.   

“To create a challenging, fun and nurturing culture for our staff, and to encourage them to express themselves across the business. To always remain motivated to improve ourselves, to learn from our mistakes and ultimately deliver outstanding quality in everything we control, from product through to after-sales support, and everything in between.” Carrie Edwards-Britt, Managing Director of The Amazing Baby Company and MGI.