Jessica (Eun Jung) Lee

Chairman, Korea Mcnulty Co., Ltd


Winning women Asia-Pacific Jessica (eun Jung) Lee

Eun Jung Lee opened the Mcnulty café 25 years ago, selling coffee made of premium roasted beans, when Korea’s coffee business was still in its early stages, and roasted coffee beans were unfamiliar to the public. Eun Jung Lee rapidly grew the business to almost 30 stores before closing stores to start a roasted coffee bean manufacturing business. 

Over the years, Korea Mcnulty Co., Ltd has grown into one of Korea’s largest roasted coffee bean manufacturers/suppliers and was listed on the Korea Stock Exchange as Korean Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (KOSDAQ) in 2015, the first time for a coffee company. At present, Korea Mcnulty Co., Ltd manufacture and distribute 200 roasted coffee bean products, and has plans to expand its café franchise business.  

2006 was a turning point for Korea Mcnulty Co., Ltd, when it made a bold and innovative decision to expand into the pharmaceutical business. Since the successful acquisition of a pharma business, they have developed a stable business structure over the past decade based on the CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization) business. More recently they accelerated efforts in R&D to produce self-developed drugs. Based on years of understanding and expertise on food products, as well as technical and R&D know-how in pharmaceuticals, they aim to converge such know-how and leverage their unique CMGT (Cryogenic Micro Grinding Technology) to launch a health functional food business. They aspire to go beyond general food product business and lead R&D in areas of alternative food for the future.   

Eun Jung Lee has received multiple citations from the Korean Government, including the Industrial Service Medal Citation in 2016, Promotion of Venture Businesses Presidential Citation in 2012, Ministry of Science and Technology Minister Citation in 2009, Ministry of Gender Equality and Family Minister Citation in 2005, and Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy Minister Citation in 2004. 

“Our vision is to provide safe and nourishing food products to help people lead healthier and happier lives. At Korea Mcnulty Co., Ltd, we pursue the convergence of ideas by valuing new ideas and diversity. We believe in the power of imagination and creativity, which empowers the vitality of business. We aim to offer hope to our employees, differentiated products to our customers and enhanced value to shareholders.” Jessica (Eun Jung) Lee, Chairman of Korea Mcnulty Co., Ltd.