Jenny Paradiso

Cofounder and Managing Director, Suntrix


Winning women Asia-Pacific Jenny Paradiso

Jenny Paradiso is the Cofounder and managing director of the national solar company, Suntrix. She was awarded the EY Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year (central Region) in 2014 and named Telstra Business Woman’s Entrepreneur Award Finalist in 2016. 

Jenny established Suntrix in 2009 after she and her husband failed to find a knowledgeable and affordable company to install solar power at their home. They decided to organize the solar themselves and realized there was a gap in the market for value-for-money solar, by a company that put their clients first. 

Since starting the business, Jenny has grown Suntrix from the kitchen table into a multimillion dollar company. During their first year of operation, Suntrix’s turnover grew from AUD $250,000 to $7.3m.  The company continued to grow and then faced new challenges when an unscheduled review of Federal Government incentives resulted in a downturn of the business. Jenny led her team through two years of industry uncertainty, at the same time recreating the Suntrix offering, diversifying and establishing new markets.  

Today, Suntrix has evolved from a residential focus to a predominantly commercial solar company - servicing businesses, consultants and all levels of government. In addition to solar energy solutions, Suntrix has introduced an innovative floating solar product to the Australian market and designed an energy monitoring system — myWatt — which is now being exported overseas. 

“A worthwhile business should have a purpose for its existence. We’re not talking dollars and profits but rather focusing on the moral, ethical and environmental reasons for devoting one’s life to their trade. Suntrix’s vision is for a 100% carbon-neutral world, using innovative renewable energy solutions and incorporating education and information.” Jenny Paradiso, Cofounder and Managing Director of Suntrix.