Jill Ang

Managing Director, Ha Li Fa Pte Ltd – BoBo Fishball


Winning women Asia-Pacific Jill Ang

Ha Li Fa Pte Ltd was founded in 1987 and incorporated in 1993. Since its inception, Ha Li Fa Pte Ltd, through its “BoBo” brand, has gained a firm foothold in local and international markets. The BoBo brand of fish balls and fish cakes is well known for its freshness, quality and the consumer trust it has developed over the years. Only the highest grade of Xi Dao and Yellow Tail fish are used in the products. 

Being customer driven has always been at the core of the BoBo brand. Its logistic network and production processes are well developed to deliver high-quality products that cater to changing consumer tastes and demands.  

As the managing director, Jill Ang leads the overall team from finance, production to sales and marketing, overseeing the company’s huge growth over the last 24 years. Her managerial style and success has been recognized in the market and as a result she has been presented with numerous awards over the years, including the 3R Packaging Award, Merit and Gold Award from 2010 to 2016, Best Family Products / Services Award by Parents World in 2011 and Singapore Prestige Brand Award for Established Brands in 2013.  

Jill continues to focus on the expansion of the company and strengthening the BoBo brand’s presence both regionally as well as internationally. 

“The blissful look on the consumers’ face when they taste BoBo fish balls is what motivates me to run the business even better.” Jill Ang, Managing Director of Ha Li Fa Pte Ltd – BoBo Fishball.