Katherine (Xiaojuan) Zheng

Cofounder and CEO, Mexteam and Mexarts


Winning women Asia-Pacific Katherine (Xiaojuan) Zheng

Katherine Zheng founded Mexteam in 1995 with the intention of making the world’s best furniture in China. Since then, Mexteam has become one of the rarely recognized Chinese R&D manufacturers in the competitive Japanese furniture industry, and has built long-term strategic partnerships with globally well-known Japanese companies 

To progress Mexteams’ business strategy, in 2011, Katherine Cofounded Mexarts to provide a series of high-end furniture and lifestyle products, and architecture space design solutions to her Chinese customers. With a strong team of top global designers, proficient crafting experts and a professional services team, Mexarts offers urban elites a simple, delicate, elegant, and artistic lifestyle and modern high-end international living solutions.  

During the past four years, Mexarts has created 92 new product patents and has its brands trademark registered in eight countries. The company has over 13 shops in major cities across China, including Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Nanjing, and sells to Japan, Europe and more than 15 other overseas markets. Merxarts has become the leader and symbolic brand of modern high-end furniture and lifestyle. 

“My intention and vision is “Living with arts and beauty”. In the next three to five years, we intend to bring high-quality lifestyle to more Chinese and international customers, and plan to become a well-recognized, leading household brand in China and the international market.” Katherine (Xiaojuan) Zheng, Cofounder and CEO of Mexteam and Mexarts.