Kim Oanh Thi Nguyen

Founder and Executive Chairwoman, Wrap & Roll


Winning women Asia-Pacific Kim Oanh Thi Nguyen

Kim Oanh Thi Nguyen is the founder and executive chairwoman of Wrap & Roll, a contemporary Vietnamese restaurant chain offering a wide variety of traditional dishes, with a focus on the Vietnamese dining style of wrapping and rolling. Wrap & Roll offers a unique dining experience for customers to cherish the Vietnamese dinning concept of sharing. Key to their success is serving the best-quality ingredients, clean and convenient locations in addition to a well-trained team providing friendly service.  

Wrap & Roll has grown to 14 restaurants, and has won numerous awards, including Vietnam’s Top 100 Restaurants by Delicious Magazine in 2012 and Top 10 Authentic and Attractive Food with Vietnamese flavor by Ho Chi Minh City Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2010. Kim Oanh’s success with Wrap & Roll and recognition of its quality traditional dishes has also led her to be appointed as one of the judges of Masterchef Vietnam.  

Born in a creative family, Kim Oanh followed her own passion of becoming an entrepreneur. She started her career at a the young age of 17, first working for a foreign joint venture company before helping her husband to rebuild his company, Sudest Dong Nam Production, which is now a leading TVC production company. Following this success, Kim Oanh decided to start her own business in the food and beverage (F&B) sector. 

Inspired by her family’s popular and rich traditional Vietnamese cuisine, in 2006 Kim Oanh opened the first Wrap & Roll restaurant in Ho Chi Minh. The restaurant was targeted at Vietnamese women who love traditional and healthy food served in a modern space. It immediately attracted attention from locals and foreigners, prompting her to start exploring the expansion of her business to international markets. 

“In the next five years, Wrap & Roll plans to become a popular restaurant chain serving healthy Vietnamese food locally and internationally with additional restaurants in Vietnam and other Asian countries. The company aims to have 100 restaurants operating, including five brands of F&B. In order to support this vision, a well-equipped manufacturing warehouse will begin operating in Jan 2017. We aim to become one of the most successful multibrand companies in Vietnam by 2020. In 2017, revenue will reach US$4.6m, and this figure will grow to US$13m by 2020.“ Kim Oanh Thi Nguyen, Founder and Executive Chairwoman of Wrap & Roll.