Li Chen

Cofounder and Chairman, Life Infinity and Beijing iLife3 Technology Co. Ltd


Winning women Asia-Pacific Li Chen

Li Chen is Cofounder and chairman of the board of Beijing iLife3 Technology Co. Ltd. Working closely with other Chinese entrepreneurs, she cofounded medical care and health investment management group “iLife3 Technology” in 2012. After years of solid development, the business has become a comprehensive platform composed of three brands, which help meet different needs in the growing macro health market.  

These brands include high-end medical centers “Life Infinity” focused on anti-aging and cancer prevention located in major cities in China, more accessible precision health management organization “Joy by Life Infinity” located throughout China, and internet-based marketing platform “Beautology Ltd” which is focused on selling anti-aging and health products from globally selected brands.  

Li Chen has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Clinical Medicine. Prior to cofounding Beijing iLife3 Technology, she served as the Principal Scientist, Beauty and Grooming at P&G Asia-Pacific, and the General Manager of External Relations for beauty and health at P&G Greater China. 

Li Chen is also devoted to the development of the medical and health industry in China. She is the vice chairman of the China Anti-Aging Promoting Association and the Director of Chinese female entrepreneur club “Mulan Club.” She also jointly created a panel to support the growth of future female business leaders in China as one of the six founding partners. However, according to Li Chen, her biggest accomplishment is being a doctor as it is through this that she has the ability to make peoples’ lives healthier, longer, better and more energetic. 

“Helping those who treasure the quality of life, enabling them to gain back the youth and energy at their peak and stay away from critical diseases — that is my life inspiration.” Li Chen, Cofounder and Chairman of Life Infinity and Beijing iLife3 Technology Co. Ltd.