Tongyu Zhou

Chairman, Weida Hi-Tech Holdings Ltd


Winning women Asia-Pacific Tongyu Zhou

Tongyu Zhou established Weida Hi-Tech Holdings Ltd in 1994 and under her leadership, the company has experienced two decades of rapid expansion and development. 

Weida Hi-Tech Holdings Ltd is now a comprehensive enterprise group with 40 branches and subsidiaries across China covering a wide range of industries, including IT products distribution and Cloud services, fast-moving consumer goods distribution, quasi-financial services, equity investment, real estate development services, energy development and industrial park development.  

Tongyu Zhou has a PhD in Economics from Fudan University and is a post-doctoral fellow at Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. She has received numerous awards, including Shanghai Top 10 Outstanding Youth Award, Shanghai Top 100 Excellent Female Entrepreneurs, Gold Award in Management Innovation for Chinese Youth Entrepreneurs and Outstanding Achievement Award for All-China Excellent Women Entrepreneurs. 

Tongyu Zhou is also an Honorary Consul of Papua New Guinea in Shanghai; member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference; member of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce; executive chairman of Shanghai Young Entrepreneurs Association; and president of Shanghai Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce. 

“Be valuable, be powerful, be better, be tomorrow.” Tongyu Zhou, Chairman of Weida Hi-Tech Holdings Ltd.