Yaqing Zhang

President, WangShunGe (Beijing) Investment Management Co., Ltd


Winning women Asia-Pacific Yaqing Zhang

Yaqing Zhang is the founder and president of WangShunGe (Beijing) Investment Management Co., Ltd. In 1999, Yaqing Zhang opened the first WangShunGe Seafood Restaurant and officially launched now popular dish Yutou Paobing – pancake seeped in fish head soup – which has been recognized as a “famous dish of China” by the China Hotel Association. Since then, WangShunGe has grown to now include 18 branches in Beijing, Xi’an and Qingdao, with over 2,000 employees. 

In 2008, Yaqing Zhang incorporated the “Yuanquan 5S” management method from Hong Kong into WangShunGe, which improved its kitchen management, material transportation, food processing, service and training, helping to make the restaurant chain centralized and consistent.  

A milestone in the history of WangShunGe came in 2016, when the group promised that it would only use healthy non-genetically modified organic pressed oil. In doing so, it was the first company in the catering industry to make a public promise about the quality of their oil.  

Yaqing Zhang is planning to grow WangShunGe in 2017 by expanding its network of franchised restaurants. She aims to open more than 10 new restaurants in Beijing alone, which is expected to create jobs for over 1,000 people. 

Yaqing Zhang and her company have been awarded the Most influential entrepreneur for catering services in China, Top 10 catering business leaders in Beijing in 2016 and Top 10 catering brands in Beijing (Class of Main Dish) in 2015. She is also the incumbent Vice President of China Hotel Association, Chairman of the Catering Committee of the China Hotel Association and Standing Vice Chairman of the Beijing Cuisine Association

“We are committed to spreading our corporate culture, management concept, good technology and excellent product quality to every corner of the country. Wangshunge will continue to advocate a healthy and happy lifestyle, carrying on Chinese food culture and promoting green industry development. Our mission is to continue to build WangShunGe into a century-old restaurant trusted by everyone.” Yaqing Zhang, President of WangShunGe (Beijing) Investment Management Co., Ltd.