Elizabeth Lee

Chairman, Golden Bridge United Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.


Winning women Asia-Pacific Elizabeth Lee

Elizabeth Lee is the Chairman of Golden Bridge United Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. One of the founders of the firm, she became Chairman and Executive Director in 2007. She is responsible for the overall administration of the company and formulation of its management and operational strategies.      

Elizabeth has many years of experience in corporate management and deep knowledge and extensive practical experience in developing urban infrastructure and revitalizing existing company assets in China.  

Through cooperation with financial institutions in and outside China, the company primarily provides customized asset-based finance lease services to state-owned enterprises, public listed companies or urban infrastructure operators.  

Elizabeth concurrently serves as the vice president and secretary general of the Financial Leasing Research Base of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and she is the author of Research on the Financial Lease Model of Existing Infrastructure in published by the China Financial Publishing House.  

Elizabeth has also earned a number of accolades including: Leader of China’s Economic Innovation and Development awarded by the China Corporate Integrity & Competitiveness Forum in 2013; and she was recognized as one of the Top Ten Leaders of China’s Brand Influences (Finance) in 2016. 

“We provide customized asset-based finance leasing services to help urban infrastructure development in China.”