Jocelyn Chng

Group CEO, JR Group Holdings


Winning women Asia-Pacific Jocelyn Chng

Jocelyn Chng, Group CEO of JR Group Holdings, has over 30 years of experience in food manufacturing and food service industries. She began her career at one of the group’s brands - Sin Hwa Dee, which after eight years under her leadership grew from a small local business into a global food brand sold in over 30 countries today.  

In 2001, after much research and development and resilience, JR Foods pioneered a wide range of ready-to-eat meals. Now, its customers include renowned restaurants and hotels. 

In 2008, under her leadership, JR Foods created Chef-In-Box, the very first hot food vending machine in Singapore. Trying to convince and educate stakeholders on the merits of the revolutionary concept was not easy, but proved to be successful. 

Jocelyn, known to be a first-mover and industry innovator, kept innovating. Her most recent offering from JR Group — the world’s first fully-automated and unmanned vending machine cafe, the Chef-In-Box Vendcafé, which was launched in 2016 — has garnered much international attention. Since the launch, seven more outlets have opened in Singapore. 

As a passionate advocate for food manufacturing and vending ready-to-eat meals, Jocelyn was appointed co-convenor of the TR57 Working Group of the Singapore Standards Council, to introduce guidelines on food safety and good hygiene practices for the food vending industry.  

For her achievements through the decades, she has received numerous entrepreneurial, business and innovation awards. In 2017, she was the recipient of Great Women of Our Time Award, 2017 (Finance & Commerce Sector) and in 2016, she was the recipient of the National University of Singapore Eminent Alumni Award.

“Our vision is to be a global player in ready-to-eat meals and professional meal solutions. The ultimate motivation for us as a company is to contribute to a better world and better life for this generation and those that follow, as it all starts from a good diet. We are also driven to bring good food take good food out to the rest of the world.”