Kahoko Tsunezawa



Winning women Asia-Pacific Kahoko Tsunezawa

Kahoko Tsunezawa is a graduate of Oin Senior High School and Keio University. After working at Recruit Holdings and Rakuten Inc., she founded her own start-up, Trenders Inc., from her home at the age of 26.  

In 2012, she became the then youngest female entrepreneur to be listed on the TSE Mothers Index. In 2014, she founded another start-up, KIDSLINE Inc. — an online babysitter matching service.  

Under the goals of cultivating a babysitting culture across Japan and establishing a society where women can shine, her company offers safe and reliable childcare platform — even at a moment’s notice — with hiring rates starting from JPY1,000 per hour. She has written a number of books, including Founding My Own Company and Every Woman Is Free. 

“We want to help establish a society where women can shine by providing safe and reliable childcare through our online babysitting matching service. To this end, we will cultivate and promote a babysitting culture across Japan, and strive to find solutions to social issues arising from the shortage of available childcare support services.”