Yueqiong Cao

Chairman, Shanghai Genechem Co., Ltd.


Winning women Asia-Pacific Yueqiong Cao

Yueqiong Cao is the Chairman of Shanghai Genechem, a biotech company she founded with a group of biological engineering researchers in 2002. 

She has led Genechem to become a unique medical platform and it is the only company able to provide genetic services at multiple cellular levels. The company provides a wide range of gene function research products and services for domestic medical institutions, research institutes and companies. 

Yueqiong’s firm now has over 500 employees — more than 40 of whom have PhDs — and nearly 8,000 square meters of research and lab facilities. The company maintains close, long-term cooperation with more than 7,000 clinicians and over 400 Grade-3 hospitals, and is now established as the leading gene therapy and cancer research platform in China. It has undertaken more than 30 projects domestically in projects and has applied for 101 patents, of which 27 have been already authorized.  

Yueqiong holds a Masters of Genetics from Fudan University and has been awarded a number of prizes for her scientific advancements, including: The Shanghai Federation of Science and Technology Enterprises, Shanghai Science and Technology Female Entrepreneur Innovation award, 2016; the Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Shanghai Outstanding Academic Leaders award in 2016 and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People´s Republic of China, Innovative Talent Promotion Plan  for Innovative Talent, in 2017.

“We take a coordinated approach to gene therapy and cancer research to offer specialist support at multiple cellular levels to institutions across China.”