Lauren Anderson

CEO, Silk Hospitality


Winning women Asia-Pacific Lauren Anderson

Lauren Anderson is the CEO of Silk Hospitality, a company that outsources housekeeping solutions to the hotel industry across Australia.

Silk Hospitality was established in 2009 as a start-up after Lauren recognized an opportunity in the managed services housekeeping market in Australia. Under her leadership, the company has grown to be one of Australia’s leading housekeeping services providers. Silk Hospitality now has over 2,500 people directly employed nationally.

Lauren holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Curtin University in Western Australia. Before setting up Silk Hospitality, she joined Westfield as a marketing executive and worked her way to become a Retail Manager at the company. Handling this role gave her insights into service delivery and innovative new ways to challenge industry norms.

“By outsourcing quality housekeeping solutions to the hotel industry across Australia, we have become the leading housekeeping services provider within the country,” Lauren said. “We now aim to build a strong sustainable business, which delivers shareholder value and provides employment opportunities for people.”