Nicole Eckels

Cofounder and CEO, Sapphire Group Pty Ltd.


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Nicole Eckels is the Cofounder and CEO of Sapphire Group Pty Ltd., the umbrella company for Glasshouse Fragrances. The company is a leading manufacturer of high-quality fragrant products for home and personal use.

Nicole has a deep knowledge in fragrance classification, olfactory families and fragrance trends. She arrived in Australia and looked for challenges after her stint in corporate business and sales in San Francisco. There, Nicole started her venture, Glasshouse Fragrances, in 2006 after she noted a clear gap in the market between the high-end fragrance products brands from Europe and the non-fragranced, low-end brands. And after spending months researching, strategizing and developing a business plan, she also officially launched Sapphire Group the same year.

Since her success with Glasshouse Fragrances, Sapphire Group has extended its brand portfolio with the launch of Circa Home, a broad range of fragrance-based homeware products that are designed to meet the needs of every consumer. Nicole’s commitment, determination and entrepreneurial spirit contributed greatly toward the company’s rapid growth in the fragrance products market in Australia.

Nicole holds a BSc in International Business from the College at Brockport, State University of New York, and began her career as a makeup artist at Saks Fifth Avenue. 

“We aim to become the first fragrance products brand from Australia to achieve an international status,” Nicole said.