Sung Sook Chang

CEO, Wooshin Pigment


Winning women Asia-Pacific Sung Sook Chang

Sung Sook Chang is the CEO of Wooshin Pigment. The company produces high-quality pigment products for various industries as required.

As a female entrepreneur, Sung Sook first entered the pigment industry in 1977. In a social environment with biased views on women, she has stood strong for 42 years, pioneering the domestic pigment market with indomitable determination and endurance. Under her excellent management skills, the company has grown rapidly through the development of a technology for pigment preparations. The company was also selected as a Distinguished and Longstanding Enterprise in 2012.

Sung Sook holds a degree from Yinhwa Girls High School. She joined Jeongwoo Company in 1973 and began to work in the pigment industry. She then established Wooshin Pigment in 1977. Sung Sook has contributed toward the development of the pigment industry in Korea her whole life. In recognition of her work and efforts, she received multiple export awards in 1995, the Iron Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit in 2002, Long Lasting company award in 2013, Silver Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit in 2016 and SABIC Supplier Recognition Award in 2017. She also served as the 16th Chairman of the Pigments & Dyestuffs association. Also, she was the first woman vice president of the Korea Federation of SMEs (KBIZ). Her charitable works toward those in need won her the appreciation of Dangjin-gun, United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF), One-Body One-Spirit and Holt Children's Services.   

“We aim to create high-quality colors, and produce and supply eco-friendly pigments and liquid pigments through relentless effort to become our client's first choice,” Sung Sook said. “We also endeavor to become the leading corporation in the industry.”