Photographic portrait of Jeff Frazer
Organisations today that are not leveraging automation technologies to transform operations will struggle to remain competitive as capabilities dramatically expand over the next two to five years.

Jeff Frazer

EY Oceania, Director, Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation leader. I enjoy exploring new places, skiing with family in Canada and Australia and enjoy connecting with fellow colleagues and friends after a hard week’s work.

Jeff, a Canadian, was granted the Global Distinguished Talent VISA for Intelligent Automation by the Australian Government in May of 2020. Jeff has assisted organizations around the globe in efforts to transform business operations using various automation technologies including Robotic Process Automation (RPA), cognitive and artificial intelligence technologies. He has assisted organisations in efforts to initiate and scale these programs across the enterprise resulting in significant benefits to clients in North America and Asia Pacific countries. Jeff holds an Honours Chartered Accountancy Degree from the University of Waterloo and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto, Canada.

How Jeff is building a better working world

Each day I am excited to help organizations transform inefficient and manual processes that have sometimes been executed for decades. My clients get excited when they are relieved of manual and mundane tasks. So, the benefits not only transform how business is done, but transform people’s jobs by allowing them to work on new and exciting projects that connect to customers and other stakeholders. Only 11% of organizations are successful creating automation programs at scale. Automation development is relatively easy to deliver to a client. However, the hard part is to make sure the automated processes are governed, controlled, maintained and that change management is implemented to ensure that they will not fail. My experience enables clients to create successful automation programs that can be scaled across the entire enterprise – front, middle and back offices.

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