Purpose driven to help in some small way every day to build a better health care system and consumer experience

Stuart Painter

EY Oceania, Health and Human Services, Consulting, Client Service Partner VIC Department of Health

Enhancing digital capability in health, improving processes and controls, leveraging the power of people by finding their purpose. Father of six. Mentor to many.

As the Leader of our Victorian Health and Human Services practice, Stuart has 37 years of audit, enterprise risk and assurance experience and has been involved with a diverse range of private and public clients across the health sector. Stuart is currently responsible for leading the Internal Audit teams for 10 of the 16 metropolitan health services in Victoria as well as other LHNs interstate. As one of the key contributors to the development of the Digital Health Maturity Model for DoH Victoria, Stuart has been involved with a wide range of Digital Health assessments and quality assurance reviews for system implementations across Australia. Stuart is often called upon to undertake special reviews into topical areas across the health sector by government departments and health services.

How Stuart is building a better working world

"Finding a purpose for the work anyone does is vital.  Being able to come to work every day and help the health system and its consumers allows me to fulfil my purpose in some small way of building a better world. Harnessing the capability and capacity that already exists within the health services and combining that with our skills and diverse experiences allows me to assist the health services to do things better and more efficiently.  Working with my passionate clients is a great reward." 

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