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Transforming retail podcast series

Successful retailers are responding fast in a world where the shopper experience and convenience define retail.

Our panel of retail professionals discuss and share their insights and opinions on the global challenges for retailers — from the changing consumer to tech-enabled transformation — how can retailers truly meet consumer needs?

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How retailers are positively embracing multiple challenges

In this episode of the Retail podcast, the panel is joined by Ian McGarrigle to discuss the highlights and takeaways from this year’s event in Barcelona.

Episode 4

15m 08s

Is data delivering an improved customer experience?

In this second episode of the Transforming Retail podcast, we discuss whether data really holds the key to capturing the voice of the customer and enhancing their shopping experience.

Episode 2

25m 04s

What experiences do London’s retailers have in store for shoppers?

In this first episode of the Transforming retail podcast series, a panel of retail professionals discuss what shoppers can expect from different retail locations in London.
Episode 1
19m 25s