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Space Tech is driving one of the biggest transformations of our generation and will improve life on Earth using tools that combine high-resolution satellite imagery data with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Whether it’s precious natural habitat or the built environment, patterns of human behaviour or flaws in critical infrastructure, all can be surveyed and better understood from space. This is the knowledge hub to explore the fast-growing applications of Space Tech.

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How can the vantage of space give you strategic advantage on Earth?

Satellite technology has made an incredible leap forward with optical resolutions improving by over 100 times, ground penetrating radar data now available and hyperspectral data starting to measure carbon emissions and water quality! This remarkable advancement brings countless benefits to those companies responding to the challenges of infrastructure and climate resilience and opens a range of opportunities for businesses in industries such as mining, energy, power and utilities, insurance, transport and more.

Our latest report explores numerous use cases for applying satellite data to businesses on the ground to help unlock new value for customers, employees, partners and the broader society they serve.

Find out more about the possibilities of Earth observation data and be empowered to seize the opportunity for your organisation.

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EY Space for Earth

Explore our easy-to-use tool that harnesses the power of satellite data and artificial intelligence to drive smarter decisions and better business outcomes.

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About Space Tech

The EY Space Tech Lab and dedicated team is set up to solve the problems of today and take advantage of the business opportunities of tomorrow. Learn how to extract, drive and change the opportunities that Space provides by bringing together research and business expertise.

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