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Space Tech is driving one of the biggest transformations of our generation and will improve life on Earth using tools that combine high-resolution satellite imagery data with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Whether it’s precious natural habitat or the built environment, patterns of human behaviour or flaws in critical infrastructure, all can be surveyed and better understood from Space. This is the knowledge hub to explore the fast-growing applications of Space Tech.

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Space Tech is here – is your business going to join us in unlocking the value of Space on Earth?

The better we can understand our world, the safer, more sustainable and more predictable we will make it.

Space Tech is the gigantic leap that enables us to monitor activities and assets across vast distances and into the most remote realms of the planet. It removes humans from danger zones and puts them in the driver’s seat, accelerating innovation with data-rich tools and navigating new domains.

Space Tech will enable us to target costly and labour-intensive inspections to where they are most needed, making them more efficient as it alerts them to issues, rather than endless cycles of just-in-case inspections, identify anomalies and changes in patterns both at a point in time and over time. Virtual site inspections via satellites – which can produce images down to a geospatial resolution of between 30 and 50 centimetres – will cover vast differences on a consistent loop. This frequent inspection cycle can observe what humans could never previously see, at a level of detail we could not have imagined, such as water ingress threatening rail infrastructure that may not be present when humans drive by, methane and gas emissions from pipeline networks and the health of native forests and wetlands.

Space Tech will touch every one of our clients as it unlocks numerous new capabilities.

Here are just a few ways Space Tech can solve old problems in new ways and drive better decisions on Earth.

  • Flag a leaking water pipe in critical urban infrastructure
  • Keep watch over fuel-loads in bushland to assess bushfire risks
  • Validate insurance claims remotely 
  • Monitor revegetation commitments
  • Alert an energy company of erosion threatening a transmission tower
  • Monitor carbon stockpiles and predict vegetation growth and species health

The fast-growing Space Tech team is building software solutions to apply this powerful technology and constantly uncovering new use cases for our clients.

Is your business ready to re-imagine your world on Earth and start your Space Tech journey?

Talk to our team to learn how we can help. Read our latest media release on EY’s $3m Space Tech hub investment with Swinburne University of Technology here.

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The EY Space Tech Lab and dedicated team is set up to solve the problems of today and take advantage of the business opportunities of tomorrow. Learn how to extract, drive and change the opportunities that Space provides by bringing together research and business expertise.

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