What EY Cognistreamer can do for you

Clients must create businesses and cultures capable of driving the duality of optimal performance today and innovation for the future, in order to drive long-term success and avoid disruption by unexpected competitors… now next and beyond.

Therefore, EY CogniStreamer helps companies to build and accelerate Innovation Programs, based on flexible Innovation Strategies that help kickstart organization’s innovation journey. Our aim is to achieve an end-to-end approach, from ideation to realization, by leveraging the right ecosystem supported by flexible, collaborative software.

EY CogniStreamer is a collaborative innovation platform where users join forces to create, assess, and select innovative ideas within strategically selected areas. The software is highly configurable and allows to create custom programs through pre-defined building blocks and templates.

EY CogniStreamer combines a state of the art software with consultancy and services so you can organizational structure and accelerate the testing, market validation and delivery of ideas. With dedicated workshops and proactive coaching we help you grow a strong, engaged, self-supporting innovation ecosystem.

Innovation services

  • Innovation Strategy

    We help you align your corporate strategy and purpose with strategic innovation focus areas, and develop tangible innovation goals. Define your innovation focus and map against time horizons.

    Finally we translate the defined innovation opportunities, goals and focus into a roadmap ready to launch tailored-fit Innovation Programs.

  • Innovation Ecosystem

    Learn to identify your current and future players in your ecosystem and benchmark how open your organization is. From internal ideation to open innovation and co-creation.

  • Ideation & Incubation

    Use EY CogniStreamer to explore, design and validate problems, trends, ideas, solutions,…

    • Explore: What can you learn from the world around you. Identify & collect trends, insights, etc... in the external world (competitive intelligence, macro trends, etc.)
    • Design: Catch ideas and knowledge. Formulate and share ideas answering clear ‘challenges’.
    • Validate: Get customer feedback, quick and easy. Enter into a feedback dialogue in a very early state (MVP and more), allows A/B testing in an easy digital way, with all of your (future) consumers or customers.
  • Organization & Process

    Structure and define your Innovation Programs supported by the required stakeholders, engaging communications, a tailored workflow for the contributions, and in-depth analytics and tools.

  • Enterprise Scale

    Leverage your ecosystem and validate your ideas & concepts. Prepare for scale-up by inviting lead-users and end-user consumers to get early market validation.

  • Culture and Talent

    Create a culture of innovation by giving meaning, engaging communities and maintaining transparent communications. Unleash expertise and interest by rewarding and recognizing your ambassadors, subject matter experts and top contributors.

Collaborative innovation platform

  • User-friendly interface

    • Compatible with different browsers and a responsive design that adapts to all screen sizes (pc’s, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones)
    • Automated tasks to review, enrich or collaborate
    • Role-based screens and call-to-actions, so you only get the screens that are relevant for your role
  • Build & configure the innovation programs you need

    • Flexible workflows through modular activity design
    • Automated rules to manage your workflow
    • Program helicopter views and dynamic reporting
    • Configurable roles & permission system
    • Communities to manage and grow your innovation ecosystem
  • Proven technical excellence

    • Secure data and network
    • Cloud hosting (dedicated or shared) – MS Azure
    • Powered by Artificial Intelligence
    • Several authentication mechanisms (Single Sign On, Two-factor authentication, username/pasword)
    • Frequent updates and releases
    • Public API and webhooks

EY Ecosystem

EY CogniStreamer is an innovation management platform connecting, leveraging and scaling all of EY innovation offerings. 

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