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Featured Five ways to make sustainability more simple in your organization 12 Oct 2022
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    Why people-centricity is the key to navigating the economic turmoil

    By adopting a people-centric approach, organizations can better navigate the economic unrest and outperform their peers.

    28 Nov 2022 Gilles Carlier d’Odeigne

    Government and Public Sector

    How can government workers and technology align to serve future citizens?

    Putting humans at the center of workforce transformation efforts will help governments deliver the benefits of digitalization.

    11 Oct 2022 Arnauld Bertrand

    Climate change and sustainability

    How to make your packaging portfolio ready for recyclability compliance?

    Soon, recyclability will be a minimum requirement for all packaging. Producers should take action today and assess their packaging portfolio.

    2 Nov 2022 Sophie Chirez


    How to put humans at the center of your cybersecurity strategy

    Organizations need a human-centric strategy in which cyber security is embedded by design. But how can they implement it?

    3 Oct 2022 Tim Vaes

    Long-Term Value

    How can slowing climate change accelerate your financial performance?

    The EY Sustainable Value Study finds that companies acting on climate change realize above-expected returns across five sources of value.

    2 Nov 2022 Steve Varley

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    Gilles Carlier

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    Why people-centricity is the key to navigating the economic turmoil

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