Careers in Assurance Services

Be an innovator and a problem solver, helping a complex world to work better by maintaining the confidence and trust that capital markets need.

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    When applying at EY, you will have to make a choice for what kind of clients you would like to work for: starting your career within Financial Services Organization (FSO) or within what we call “Industries”.
    FSO means you will work for Financial institutions such as banking & capital markets, insurance, asset management, pension funds, etc.
    When you choose for “Industry clients’ you will work for all kind of sectors except Financial Institutions. So you may work for clients active in Transport, logistics, manufacturing, oil & gas, pharma, retail, service providers, etc.

    No such thing as an average day.

    For Auditors at EY, there’s no such thing as an average day. Quite simply because we tackle all aspects of Audit, have a wide variety of clients and responsibilities. We are not stuck behind a desk but go places. We can’t offer you a routine job, but we do promise you an extraordinary one. Becoming an Auditor at EY is a great way to start a fantastic career.

    Our daily work sounds like this:

    Our routine is no routine

    Auditors at EY tackle all different aspects of Audit, have a wide variety of clients and get all kinds of responsibilities. To name a few: we analyse business processes, identify areas requiring improvement, conduct our own investigation of financial information and make the best recommendations in order to create added value for our clients by using the newest audit technology. We don’t have average jobs, we have extraordinary ones.

    Working together works for us

    Auditors at EY are all part of one effective team. We work together, develop our skills together and are always ready to help one another. We love gaining knowledge and are eager to share our experiences and expertise with colleagues. By the way, being team players doesn’t mean we can’t work independently. In fact, we’re actually pretty good at that as well.

    We feel at home out of home

    EY Auditors are not stuck behind one single desk. We work on clients sites and liaise with other EY departments to ensure a smooth delivery of the Audit process. As you’ve probably guessed by now, we’re client oriented people with excellent communication skills and an innovative and solution-based approach to problem solving.

    A career in Assurance is about much more than numbers: it’s about understanding how companies work, digging deeper and staying curious. The various soft skills and the global mindset that you develop, last a lifetime. 

    Han Wevers

    EY Belgium Assurance Talent Leader


    Where could you fit into Assurance services?

    Assurance offers many different opportunities such as:

    • Audit - Provides independent assurance supporting strong capital markets and the public interest.
    • Financial Accounting Advisory Services - Supports the financial function by enhancing decision-making and efficiency.
    • Forensic & Integrity Services - Protects and restores enterprise and financial reputation.

    A career in Assurance is about much more than the numbers. It’s about the stories behind them. 

    • Audit

      Combine your ability to communicate and build relationships with technical excellence and advanced technologies to ask better questions and get better answers. You’ll assess risk and provide unrivaled insights.  

      EY Digital Audit marks the next step in audit excellence and brings richer insights, depth and responsiveness to audit work. Embedding digital platforms and tools into the audit process drives change and transformation, leading to strengthened accountability, transparency, trust and confidence.

      We pride ourselves on offering quality, integrity, exceptional client service and a wider understanding of industry sectors.

      Today, Audit offers you more exciting opportunities for learning and progression than ever before.

    • Financial Accounting Services (FAAS)

      Work with finance leaders to help organizations build an effective and efficient finance function and make better business decisions.

      Help clients address social, ethical and environmental risks in our Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS) which is a focused competency within the FAAS sub-service line. You'll help clients balance their risks and opportunities in social, ethical and environmental factors that could impact business performance, and address their stakeholder reporting requirements.

      EY professionals unlock new value and discover unexpected potential through leading-edge data tools and strategies such as data mining, artificial intelligence and statistical analysis.

      Your skills, deep technical knowledge, consulting and leadership skills, and industry insights will inspire confidence across a wide range of accounting, reporting and sustainability services.

    • Forensic & Integrity Services (Industries only)

      Today, integrity demands a particular focus. EY teams put integrity at the heart of compliance programs to help the world’s most sophisticated organizations manage ethical and reputational risks.  Our advanced forensic services combine deep technical, legal, accounting and financial knowledge with deep investigative and tech skills to protect and restore reputations.

      EY teams support clients when they are faced with damaging allegations of, for example, bribery, fraud or corruption. We bring the right people together quickly, armed with the right technology, to help deliver a high-quality, seamless service no matter where EY clients are based. We help to establish the facts, and then share them with the appropriate stakeholders.

      The work also includes helping clients improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their compliance programs, anti-fraud efforts, dispute resolution mechanisms and transaction-related activities.

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