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Help build a better working world by transforming businesses through the power of people, technology and innovation.

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Our EY Consulting teams help companies transforming their business, which brings lots of opportunities for our colleagues, for EY and for the clients. We foster a culture of innovation and together, our powerful ideas unlock our clients full potential. 

Michel Brabants

EY Belgium Managing Partner Consulting



When applying at EY, you will have to make a choice for what kind of clients you would like to work for: starting your career within Financial Services Organization (FSO) or within what we call “Industries”.
FSO means you will work for Financial institutions such as banking & capital markets, insurance, asset management, pension funds, etc. 
When you choose for “Industry clients’ you will work for all kind of sectors except Financial Institutions. So you may work for clients active in Transport, logistics, manufacturing, oil & gas, pharma, retail, service providers, etc.

Experienced professionals - Financial services

We guide businesses through transformation by daring to ask the right questions and coming up with the most powerful answers. The scope of Consulting ranges from business consulting to technology consulting and large-scale portfolio and risk management. As an Advisory consultant, your mission is to understand a client’s needs, ask better questions, co-create innovative answers, and deliver exceptional client service. Our role is to help our clients navigate disruption by helping them to see the Now, Next and Beyond.

    Business consulting

    Technology consulting

    • Cybersecurity

      Helping organizations to understand how, where, and why to invest in managing cyber risks by implementing and executing a strategy and overarching cyber program.

    • Data & Analytics

      Helping our clients to better produce, manage and use data assets to improve their operational efficiency, reduce costs, protect from risks, or disrupt their market.

    • SAP (only Industries)

      The combination of EY’s industry, business acumen and business transformation capabilities with SAP’s advanced technology solutions can help organizations gain the intelligence and agility needed to thrive in this era of extraordinary change.

    • Technology & Innovation

      Our professionals focus on technology enabled business transformations with a clear focus on the most impactful trends in the market.

    • Technology Solution delivery (only Industries)

      Supporting our clients as they initiate or undergo major transformation. Our capabilities span end-to-end solution implementation services from strategy and architecture to production deployment.

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