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EY acquires VALITAX, a promising Belgian start-up

EY announces the acquisition of the start-up VALITAX, a cloud-based VAT engine that makes VAT treatment much easier for companies and helps them save both time and money.

10 Sep 2020 Diegem BE

Belgium remains in the top 5 European countries that attract the most foreign investments

In 2019 too, Belgium remained an attractive country for foreign investors, according to the EY Belgian Attractiveness Survey.

28 May 2020 Diegem BE

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COVID-19 pandemic cuts global IPO momentum short in Q1 2020

Despite initially riding momentum carried from Q4 2019, hopes for an IPO window of opportunity and rebound in the first half of 2020 were cut short by the global impact of COVID-19.

3 Apr 2020

Dozens of solutions to fight COVID-19 during HACK THE CRISIS

During the hackathon, various teams competed to come up with innovative solutions against COVID-19. In the end, no fewer than 36 teams and 614 people from 7 different time zones took part in the online event.

31 Mar 2020

The tech world unites against corona during online hackathon HACK THE CRISIS

The corona virus affects our society as a whole and brings along unseen, yet very real societal challenges. As a result, the tech and startup world come together to launch a public platform to create dedicated solutions during an online hackathon: HACK THE CRISIS.

23 Mar 2020

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