Careers in Strategy and Transactions

Reimagine business eco-systems, reshape portfolios and help clients reinvent themselves for a better future. You’ll drive growth and value as a Connected Capital Advisor.

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    Our TAS teams help you navigate the complexity of transactions. We understand that every type of deal is different, and we can help you analyze what business to buy, how to value it and how to integrate it into your company.  Being part of a major professional services organization allows us to serve our clients from the start with leading-class service.  

    Marc Guns

    Managing Partner Strategy and Transactions EY Belgium


    When applying at EY, you will have to make a choice for what kind of clients you would like to work for: starting your career within Financial Services Organization (FSO) or within what we call “Industries”.
    FSO means you will work for Financial institutions such as banking & capital markets, insurance, asset management, pension funds, etc.
    When you choose for “Industry clients’ you will work for all kind of sectors except Financial Institutions. So you may work for clients active in Transport, logistics, manufacturing, oil & gas, pharma, retail, service providers, etc.

    Strategy and Transactions in practice

    Working in diverse, high-performing teams, Strategy and Transactions teams enable companies to accelerate their growth by advising on connected capital solutions: Strategy, Corporate finance, Buy and Integrate, Sell and Separate, and Reshaping Results. You can become a powerhouse of transactions knowledge and work across some of the most complex deals in the global market. You’ll drive growth and value as a connected capital advisor.

    Transactions & Corporate Finance

    • Lead Advisory

      Lead Advisory includes tactical and strategic advice for corporates, financial sponsors, and family offices, as well as negotiation assistance and other transaction-related topics.

    • Valuation, Modeling & Economics

      Valuation, Modeling & Economics balances strong technical expertise with extensive sector and account focus to deliver integrated, multi-skill solutions and advanced decision support to our clients.

    • Transaction Diligence

      Transaction Diligence comprises corporate, private equity and government clients​ on buy-side and sell-side financial due diligence.

    EY-Parthenon (only Industries)

    • Strategy

      Helping clients reach their full potential by answering their most complex strategic questions via rigorous analysis and then bringing the solutions to fruition.

    • Transaction Strategy and Execution

      Assisting clients to integrate or separate acquired or divested assets and businesses, providing strategic transaction advice and supporting execution to attain the value proposition contained in the strategic decision-making process.

    • Turnaround and Restructuring Strategy

      Helping clients address value creation, preservation or recovery, depending on where they are on the stress pendulum.

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