Divestment strategy: sell and separate

Reimagine your portfolio and reshape your future through strategic sales and spins. Navigating risk and operating at speed, EY teams help you create long-term value through better divestments – from design to delivery.

Our divestiture consulting services operate across the entire divestiture life cycle, from strategy to separation to stabilization upon deal closing. Our strategic portfolio management advice helps you decide what and when to monetize.

Strategies for successful corporate separations

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What EY can do for you

We offer the support you need to help achieve your divestment objectives.

Our Sell & Separate team helps deliver full value from a divestiture, whether you are an individual shareholder, corporate or a private equity fund. We help you limit disruption to the business and allow you to focus on future inclusive growth.

We help to craft your value story and deal model, market the business to buyers, prepare vendor financial, tax, HR, commercial and operational information, optimize tax to seller and buyer, prepare carve-out financials and develop operational separation/carve-out plans.

We offer deep insight to help you get answers:

  • What should I sell to reposition my business in the market?
  • How can I sell at optimal prices?
  • How can I optimize my divestment strategy to raise capital for future investments?
  • How can I sell non-core assets to preserve capital and help digitally transform my business?
  • When is the right time to sell?

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