EY Family Enterprise DNA Model

With our decades of experience working as trusted advisors to the world’s most entrepreneurial families, we understand that family enterprise owners face unique challenges as they balance their ambition to grow with the effort to build the family legacy.

Family Office DNA model

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Family enterprises have unique needs in comparison to corporate businesses. Relationships and interests of individual family members are often diverse; some members may not be interested in continuing the business while others may wish to change it fundamentally. 

In addition to “traditional” concerns of entrepreneurial families, such as governance, succession and wealth management, we now see the topics of diversity, talent, digital transformation, philanthropy and inclusive capitalism progressing toward the top of the agenda in family enterprises across the world. These topics are mostly driven by the next generation of family members.

The EY approach to working with family enterprises is anchored in the EY Family Enterprise DNA Model. This model supports both the personal and business performance agendas of family enterprise leaders by pinpointing four key areas of focus to achieve their personal and business ambitions: family, values, business and assets. We combine our understanding of these focus areas with decades of experience to create a framework for guided conversations on topics that matter most to family enterprise owners.

Four key areas of focus

Each family enterprise is unique, yet successful ones have much in common. Drawing on the knowledge we have gained from working with family enterprises, we have identified four key factors that help them grow the business and build a long-term, intergenerational legacy.


When business-owning families grow significantly in number and complexity, a good plan for succession becomes an imperative.


Fiscal, legal and financial questions often arise hand in hand with the very personal aims and values of family members.


As families divide profit among more family members, sustainable growth and profitability of the business become more important.


As the complexity of managing the family wealth increases, families look to professionalize this process through family office functions.

When you’re ready to talk, we’re ready to listen

EY Family Enterprise professionals can support you in identifying and optimizing the drivers that impact family businesses’ growth and longevity, preserve wealth and culture, and solidify intergenerational legacies. 

Using the EY Family Enterprise DNA Model as a guide, we ask the right questions — and we listen to the answers. We work with you to address the issues and concerns your enterprise faces.

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