Helping fast-growth start-ups through the next step of their growth journey.

EY helps fast-growth businesses from around the world to scale their businesses through one-to-one guidance, access to EY proprietary digital tools, networking and insight sharing. 

Leveraging our extensive experience and new digital platforms such as EY Velocity, we help accelerate entrepreneurs through every step of their growth journey to becoming the global market leaders of tomorrow.

The Factory

Get insights into the growth of promising companies, empowering established companies and engaging entrepreneurs by stimulating open innovation. 

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Are you a startup or scale-up? Learn more about how you can access EY expertise at lower rates and how you can benefit from EY's international network. 

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EY Velocity

EY Velocity is a global digital platform helping founders, CEOs and leadership teams of established start-up and scale-up businesses make informed decisions and reach better outcomes faster.

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Smart taxation for young entrepreneurs

How government can encourage start-ups through changes to tax and regulation.

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The EY 7 Drivers of Growth

We know from experience that focusing on the capabilities that matter can accelerate and deliver far more sustainable growth.

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