Indirect Tax Compliance & Management Webcast series

In May 2021 we hosted a series of webcasts to discuss how global companies can manage the VAT (compliance) function in today’s constantly changing VAT landscape.

Browse the recorded sessions below for more information.

Kick off session: managing the VAT function in a changing world

During this kick off session we discuss the main challenges businesses face in meeting their global VAT compliance requirements and how to manage the global VAT function in a constantly changing VAT landscape.

Speakers: Marc Joostens, Mo El Kastite, Gorka Ecchevaria & Giverny Hermans

Deep dive session: outsourcing model

During this session we cover the typical drivers, the advantages and attention points for outsourcing VAT compliance. We also explain how EY can support when outsourcing or co-sourcing.

Speakers: Dries Mazereel, Philippe Verclytte, Stefanie Dreher

Deep dive session: inhouse model

During this session we cover the typical drivers, advantages and attention points when handling VAT compliance in-house. A short demo will be provided on our VAT compliance reporting tool. In addition, we will speak about co-sourcing.

Speakers: Patrick Roulleaux, Folkert Gaarlandt, Irene Verheijen - Duwaer

Deep dive session: VAT in control

During this session we will explore leading practices in methodologies that businesses can adopt to stay in control of their VAT position.

Speakers: Sven De Maeseneer & Marc van der Graaf

Deep dive session: digital tax authorities

The submission of digital data files to a tax authority is coming to the fore of VAT compliance. As tax authorities embrace digital tools and increase data analytics, companies are required to file through digital portals, provide more granular information, deliver real-time reports and invoices, and employ data analytics for risk profiling and auditing. In this final session, we provide an overview of the latest digital tax trends in EMEIA and focus on the SAF-T obligation in France and Luxembourg (FEC and FAIA).

Speakers: Marianne Sica, Johan Kristensson, Kamilla Ferhat

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