EY and Blue Yonder alliance

EY and Blue Yonder help clients transform their supply chain and improve operations performance.

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How can you fundamentally transform supply chain and operations performance? In this changing world, companies need supply chains that are fast, agile and customer-responsive yet cost-effective.

EY and Blue Yonder: Improving supply chains for the digital future

EY is a leader in supply chain, operations, digital and emerging technologies. EY and Blue Yonder are combining EY’s experience with Blue Yonder’s industry-leading supply chain solutions to help clients accelerate their supply chain strategies and digital transformation initiatives. Our forward-thinking strategies and solutions help companies effect fundamental change in operations performance and create competitive advantage.

  • Digital Supply Chain Operations

    Digital operations harness the convergence of new and emerging technologies and advanced analytics to transform the traditional supply chain. EY offers a variety of services to help our clients reinvent linear supply chains into digital supply networks.

  • EY services for Blue Yonder Transportation Management System (TMS)

    Streamline and integrate your transportation management processes for enhanced agility and performance. In their journey towards transforming their existing transportation operations, many clients face challenges in substantiating their business case regarding crucial pillars such as better capacity allocation, asset optimization, and redefining procurement services. Utilizing a transportation modeling solution to complete network analysis can assist in identifying solutions to these critical challenges. 

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    • Transportation transformation visualized through digital simulation

  • EY services for Blue Yonder Warehouse and Labor Management

    EY has a proven methodology and vast experience to assess four-walls operational excellence.

  • Supply chain smart maps

    Disruptions to today’s supply chain are monumental due to digital and emerging technologies. Assessing the digital readiness of your supply chain is a key factor to evaluate adaptability and build growth and cost strategies. Empower your supply chain to keep pace with the changing world. EY’s supply chain smart maps help assess the digital readiness of your supply chain and amplify your supply chain’s efficiencies.

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