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EY and P&G help organizations achieve higher levels of manufacturing performance by improving their end-to-end supply chain operations strategy to grow and optimize their business. Throughout our 10+ year relationship we’ve created over 400 smart factories with US$15b in savings.

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    Despite ongoing investments in supply chain and manufacturing excellence programs companies are struggling to achieve a sustainable breakthrough in their performance and productivity. EY and P&G have combined their supply chain and manufacturing excellence capabilities to bring a significantly different approach to attaining improved supply chain performance and higher levels of manufacturing reliability.

    What will operational excellence look like in your organization's future?

    Improved manufacturing reliability

    P&G’s Integrated Work Systems (IWS) is a proprietary way of improving manufacturing reliability, reducing costs and elevating productivity. IWS is a disruptive way of working predicated on two primary principles: 

    • A drive to zero losses 
    • 100 percent employee ownership 

    End-to-end supply chain synchronization

    P&G’s Supply Network Operations (SNO) is a proprietary set of tools and enablers that offers an integrated approach to supply chain transformation. The methodology extends from supplier to customer and enables an integrated approach to supply chain planning, warehousing and logistics, and customer service. 

    The EY and P&G alliance combines IWS and SNO capabilities with EY’s global supply chain and manufacturing performance improvement experience, and P&G certified consultants, to help clients make sustainable improvements in their manufacturing and transform their end to end supply chain. 

    • IWS

      P&G’s Integrated Work System (IWS) is a proprietary way of improving manufacturing reliability, reducing costs and elevating productivity. IWS is a disruptive way of working predicated on two primary principles: the drive to zero losses and 100 percent employee ownership. The EY and P&G alliance combines the Integrated Work System with the global EY manufacturing performance improvement experience and P&G certified consultants to help clients improve performance via sustainable change and transformation.

      • Smart Factory

        The smart factory can help manufacturers improve performance in a dynamic, digital world.

        As digital disruption cuts deeper and becomes more pervasive, the pressure on manufacturers to achieve and sustain higher levels of performance continues to intensify. Manufacturers know that they need to transform their operations to compete and grow in the coming years, and that the smart factory is the path to that future.

        The smart factory is an environment in which cyber-physical systems monitor the physical processes of the factory, provide analysis, and automate or support controls and decision-making to improve manufacturing efficiency and effectiveness. By boosting overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), the smart factory can help manufacturers increase revenue and defer capital investment. It also can improve workforce productivity and morale, and substantially reduce operational costs.

        • SNO

          SNO offers a comprehensive suite of know-how combined with a proven transformation methodology to accelerate integrated supply chain transformation across Planning, Distribution, Logistics, and Customer Service. This includes:

          • Supply Chain Foundations, which provide core foundations for Supply SNO processes, including organizational design, work systems, and foundational work processes and roles.
          • Advanced tools and automation, which offers innovative techniques to enhance or automate existing work processes 
          • The Run-to-Target (RTT) Transformation Accelerator provides deployment methodology to achieve rapid results and create sustainable change by empowering the workforce. 

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