4 minute read 4 Feb. 2022
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Our commitment to Audit Quality – 2022

By EY Canada

Multidisciplinary professional services organization

4 minute read 4 Feb. 2022
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  • Our commitment to audit quality 2022

We embrace our responsibility as independent auditors to perform high-quality audits that promote trust and confidence in the capital markets.

We’re pleased to present our annual audit quality report, which reaffirms EY Canada’s commitment to continuously improving the quality of our audits and strengthening our system of quality control.

Our top priority continues to be serving the public interest by executing high-quality audits with integrity, independence and professional skepticism. Our report highlights the role our auditors played in promoting trust and confidence in the capital markets over the past year, in a period of great uncertainty and increased audit complexity. It also highlights how we have used data and technology to transform the audit and how our audit teams have also expanded their use of our suite of EY Helix data analyzers, enabling them to develop a deeper understanding of the companies we audit and better identify anomalies.

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Key focus areas

EY - Key focus areas

Our commitment to the public interest

Our mission will always be to serve the public interest by performing high-quality audits. We continue to innovate and are using the lessons of the pandemic to reimagine how to deliver high-quality audits and serve the public interest in the future.

Our Assurance Priorities

EY - Our Assurance Priorities


We welcome any comments and questions you may have about the matters discussed in this report. Please contact an EY Canada partner for more information.

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As part of our commitment to serving the public interest, we have a responsibility to provide our stakeholders with an understanding of how we conduct our audits, how we maintain our independence, how we monitor our performance and what we are doing to continuously improve the quality of our audits. This annual quality report, which we have been publishing since 2013, is one way we provide that transparency.

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By EY Canada

Multidisciplinary professional services organization

Related topics Audit Assurance