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Are you driving your cloud strategy or is it driving you?

Tomorrow’s innovations are being created in the next-generation cloud. Read the full report.

Traditional value chains are being replaced by ecosystems; composable architectures are reshaping business models, and innovations are moving more quickly from concept to launch. At the center of business transformation is the need to adapt to operating in the cloud.

Cloud is not just one technology supporting business transformation; it unlocks value in all the technologies, data and ecosystems that fuel organizational growth and enable businesses to innovate securely at speed. Are you using the cloud to modernize your business core, build data centricity and connect distributed ecosystems?

Successful, revenue-generating cloud programs address:

Download the full report to learn more about the EY cloud ecosystem and how to seamlessly combine interdependent domains across public, private and edge cloud platforms with industry-specific architectures for tailored, secure, end-to-end cloud services.

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    The EY cloud ecosystem landscape consists of interdependent domains that all work together to enable end-to-end cloud services. Cloud infrastructure and industry specific solutions enable innovation at scale and speed, while cloud native data analytics and intelligent ecosystems enable data services that can be deployed and delivered on edge platforms with instrinsic security and app integration.

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