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As businesses transform at accelerated rates, finding new paths of innovation to drive long-term value are critical. Our EY Neurodiversity Centres of Excellence offer advanced technology capabilities to help organizations like yours better recruit, onboard and develop a neurodiverse workforce. 

Our goal is to help our clients build a more accessible and inclusive talent environment. Because a better working world is one where everyone belongs.

Neurodiverse perspectives can help drive innovation

Diverse teams and broader perspectives foster innovation while generating better business results. A focus on inclusion offers companies access to unique skillsets and mindsets as neurodiverse professionals bring creativity and innovation to problem solving, and often excel in emerging technologies and data analytics. Through our Neurodiversity Centres of Excellence, EY is unlocking the potential of neurodiverse talent pools to integrate advanced technology capabilities with skills in STEM, data analytics, digital, blockchain, robotics, AI and cybersecurity.

EY neurodiversity initiatives in the news

CBC National

CBC The National: Canada needs workers — so why aren't more companies hiring the neurodivergent?

CBC highlights employment barriers neurodiverse individuals face and how organizations like EY are taking an innovative, inclusive talent process to support professionals entering the workforce.

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National bank

National Bank works with EY Canada to expand neurodiversity in the workplace

National Bank recently worked with EY Canada to grow neurodiversity within its teams of data engineering analysts and data scientists through a customized talent recruitment experience.

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Financial Post

Financial Post: How neurodiverse perspectives can help fuel innovation

The Financial Post dives deep to uncover how EY Canada’s Neurodiversity Centres of Excellence program is helping clients expand their definition of diversity to drive innovation, create belonging and long-term value.

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CIM Magazine

CIM Magazine: Reaching out for talent in mining and metals

Tammy Morris, EY Canada Neurodiversity Centres of Excellence Leader, discusses how neurodivergent candidates have the potential to bridge talent gaps in the mining and metals sector. 

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Careers at EY

EY is building a neurodiverse workforce and developing accessible processes and environments where neurodivergent employees can thrive. Within the EY Neurodiversity Centres of Excellence, you can develop a meaningful career through a broad scope of short- and long-term consulting projects, mentoring, and formal learning opportunities.

View Neurodiversity Centres of Excellence opportunities

View Neurodiversity Centres of Excellence opportunities

Tammy Morris
NCoE Network Leader, EY Canada, Associate Director 

Alison Wolfe
NCoE Talent Leader, EY Canada, Director


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