Third-party risk management (TPRM) consulting services

We enable businesses to make better decisions about the third parties they choose to work with. We use technology to help you make better informed decisions faster. We examine risk from every angle, and provide you with the insights you need to identify the partners who will create better long-term value for your business.

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What EY can do for you

In the Transformative Age, businesses that are able to take smart decisions at pace thrive. And there aren’t any decisions more important than choosing who you partner with.

More and more, the most agile organizations work with multiple third parties in order to stay competitive. All these relationships are important, but each one adds risk: cyber risk, regulatory risk, brand risk, etc.

We enable you to make better decisions about who you work with and how you manage this increasingly complex third-party risk landscape.

Services that enable you to make better decisions

We offer a complete spectrum of end-to-end services that enable you to make better decisions about who you work with and how you manage your third-party risk.

Our services range from strategic consultancy, data-driven transformation, technology implementation to ongoing management platforms.

  • Identify risk

    Our global team delivers access to the latest public, proprietary and self-reported information. This enables clients to identify and classify a variety of risk factors, including cyber, privacy, information security, bribery, corruption, financial crime, reputational and operational concerns.

  • Evaluate TPRM

    We provide due diligence and investigation services in over 240 countries and 100 languages. We offer off-the-shelf and fully customized services for clients to evaluate, segment and understand both risk landscape and the quality controls in place at local, country, regional and global level.

  • Monitor risk

    We help clients understand and implement tactical and strategic methods of managing and mitigating third-party risks. These methods include continuous or periodic monitoring, threat monitoring and alert management processes to make the job of staying on top of risk easier to implement at a lower overall cost.

  • Innovate TPRM

    We leverage advanced analytics, robotic automation, advanced workflow and machine learning to simplify and streamline everyday tasks when implementing and managing effective third-party risk management programs.

  • Enable TPRM

    We deliver a range of services that help clients better operational risk management. These services include helping clients design risk frameworks, manage governance and model data. We can also provide clients with an outsourced managed service.

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