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Congratulations to the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2021 Prairies winners

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EY - Photo of Michael Owens

Michael Owens
Absorb Software

EY - Photo of Mike Bauer

Mike Bauer

EY - Photo of  Jay Gohill

Jay Gohill

EY - Photo of Michael McGovern

Michael McGovern

EY - Photo of Stuart O'Connor

Stuart O'Connor

EY - Photo of Sam Prochazka

Sam Prochazka

EY - Photo of Matthew McCarthy

Matthew McCarthy
Steelhaus Technologies Inc.

EY - Photo of Hanif Joshaghani

Hanif Joshaghani
Symend Inc.

EY - Photo of Tiffany Kaminsky

Tiffany Kaminsky
Symend Inc.

Special citations*
EY - Photo of Margaret Adu

Margaret Adu
Aomega Group Inc.
Human Impact Award

EY - Photo of Jeremy Bryant

Jeremy Bryant
Societal Impact Award

EY - Photo of Andrew Hall

Andrew Hall
Societal Impact Award

*Special citations are non-competitive awards that recognize entrepreneurs for the unique mark they’ve made on the entrepreneurial landscape in a specific area and celebrate their outstanding achievements.

  • Prairies finalists

    Absorb Software
    Michael Owens

    Aomega Group Inc.
    Margaret Adu

    Mike Bauer, Jay Gohill, Michael McGovern, Stuart O'Connor

    Basecamp Properties
    Sky McLean

    BHD Instrumentation
    Joel Elford, Adam Hesse, Garvin Stafford

    Bitcoin Well
    Adam O'Brien

    Charles Wong

    Coconut Software
    Katherine Regnier

    Eavor Technologies Inc.
    Paul Cairns, John Redfern

    ESTI Consulting Services
    Simon Gadd

    Fidelity Manufacturing Group
    Ryan Arseneau, Joseph Brunelle,
    Corey Homick, Jeff Litster, Ben Mayer

    Fluid Energy Group Ltd.
    Clay Purdy

    GHC Systems Inc dba Surface Hair Care
    Debra Grund, Wayne Grund

    Go Auto
    Jason Smith

    Sam Prochazka

    Dr. Ryan Todd

    High Tide Inc.  (TSXV:HITI, HITIF, 2LY)
    Raj Grover

    Inline Group Inc.
    Adam Temple, Ryan Dunbar

    Leading Edge Physiotherapy
    Grant Fedoruk

    Jeremy Bryant, Andrew Hall

    Nanalysis Scientifc Corp.  (TSXV:NSCI)
    Sean Krakiwsky

    Partake Brewing
    Ted Fleming

    Pegasus Imagery Ltd.
    Cole Rosentreter

    Ryan Murphy Construction Inc.
    Lara Murphy, Karen Ryan

    SM2 Capital Partners
    Naim Ali

    Smiles Dental Group
    Dr. Alexander Yeh

    Sonar Software Inc.
    Alexander Moore, Glenn Moore

    Spiritleaf  (ISH)
    Darren Bondar

    Steelhaus Technologies Inc.
    Mike George, Matthew McCarthy

    Matt Alston, Lance Miller

    Symend Inc.
    Hanif Joshaghani, Tiffany Kaminsky

    VEERUM Inc.
    David Lod

    Westgen Technologies Inc.
    Ben Klepacki, Connor O'Shea


Meet the judges

The success of the program relies on the efforts of our independent panel of judges. These past Entrepreneur Of The Year Award program alumni and civic and community leaders devote significant effort to review and deliberate the merits of each nominee. We deeply appreciate their dedication to this process.
EY - Photo of Ashif Mawji

Ashif Mawji*
Venture Partner Angel Investor, Rising Tide

How does entrepreneurial ambition help create global unity?
Entrepreneurs tend to gravitate towards other creative and innovative thinkers and are keen on coming together to solve larger problems. By creating a call to action, galvanizing our entrepreneurs and allowing them creative freedom, I know entrepreneurs can help bring the world together and work as a united entity.  

EY - Photo of Brenda Nowakowski

Brenda Nowakowski
President, Brelin Holdings Ltd. 

How will entrepreneurial ambition help regenerate economies?
It will be enterprise creation that regenerates economies, and this is driven by entrepreneurial ambition. It’s the drive and confidence of the risk takers. This ambition will be fueled by industry, opportunity and the extent to which governments at all levels support and stay out of the way of business. But make no mistake, it is action oriented. I am, I want, I will. The first two statements are nothing without the third. Ambition without action is just daydreaming; ambition with action is rocket fuel.   

EY - Photo of Desirée Bombenon

Desirée Bombenon*
CEO & Chief Disruption Officer, SureCall

Could the toughest time inspire the greatest solutions?
They always have. If you look back through history, and even during this pandemic, the most creative innovations emerge from crisis. This happens on a global basis, but also individually or in communities. When there is hardship, we all work to find solutions with a sense of urgency and with a sense of brethren, where we know there is much more at stake for everyone. 

EY - Photo of James Boettcher

James Boettcher*
Chief Idea Officer, Custodian of Culture & CEO, Righteous Gelato

How do creative entrepreneurs help solve for the new world?
At the intersection of creativity, future looking, innovation and aspiration are the most important parts to creating the world we want to live in. We've always said that we want to create something that makes the world more awesome and a bit better than we found it. I believe that business is inherently responsible for creating that future. 

EY - Photo of Laura Kilcrease

Laura Kilcrease*
CEO, Alberta Innovates

What role do entrepreneurs play in helping Canada reach an innovation economy?
Entrepreneurs see solutions to problems that others only observe. Innovation is the means by which these new solutions are built, whether it be a new technology, business model or process. 

EY - Photo of Linda McCurdy

Linda McCurdy*
President & CEO, K-Bro Linen Systems Inc.

How can diversity and inclusion be accelerators of innovation?
We have thousands of employees in Canada and the UK, and our entire team represents the highly diverse communities in which we operate. As the CEO of a company with a very diverse senior staff and employee base, it’s obvious how the quality and range of input and perspectives is so much greater with a fully diverse team, and we all understand that our decisions and outcomes are superior as a result of our diversification. 

EY - Photo of Mike Fata

Mike Fata*
CEO, Fata & Associates, Inc.

How will entrepreneurs reframe our future?
Entrepreneurs innovate, and innovation drives growth. 

*Entrepreneur Of The Year Alumni


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