Photographic portrait of Biren Agnihotri
Modernization of humankind is inevitable — the synergies between humans and machines working together will eliminate all kinds of waste and will liberate more value to individuals and society.

Biren Agnihotri

Digital Engineering and AI & Data Leader, EY Canada

Driven by the possibilities of the future.

As the National Digital & Emerging Technologies Leader at EY Canada, Biren leads a team of professionals across the country supporting the full range of digital, hyper-automation, and emerging technologies functions.

Biren has over two decades of experience in helping organizations streamline processes by using emerging technologies and enabling them in multi-million dollar cost take out and cost avoidance programs. He helps his clients across various industries automate and modernize their work using emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics Process Automation, Hyper-Automation, Process Mining, DevSecOps, Agile, IoT, 5G, Quantum Computing, Drones, Digital Twins and end-to-end digitization, in order to adapt to new business models and increase revenue growth.

How Biren is building a better working world

“I’ve always been very passionate about modernizing lives through disruptive technology, and I continuously seek opportunities to help organizations innovate and thrive in the Transformative Age.”

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