Photographic portrait of Dina Elshurafa
When communication is done effectively, it does more than transmit information – it educates, persuades and inspires.

Dina Elshurafa

EY Canada Coordinator, Public Relations

Constantly asking questions, generating new ideas and creating innovative solutions to achieve measurable results. Always caffeinated and on the look out for hole-in-the-wall restaurants in Toronto.

Every brand has a story. The way we share and cultivate it matters. As EY Canada’s Public Relations Coordinator, Dina works with our leaders to bring their insight to light for audiences from coast to coast.

Since joining EY in 2019, Dina has built experience creating external communications strategies and materials for all channels, while leveraging social media platforms to share key messages and elevate brand reputations. She works hand-in-hand with our Canadian spokespeople, enabling them to share thoughtful perspectives on market developments, sector trends, and regulatory changes.

Dina holds a post-graduate diploma in Public Relations, and a Bachelor of Arts – Social Sciences, from the University of Western Ontario.

How Dina is building a better working world

“At EY, we’re not just part of a dialogue. We’re helping to shape it. Sharing our perspectives and knowledge engages us in market conversations that push all of us to find better solutions for today’s challenges. That’s a powerful contribution to the working world.”