Photographic portrait of Elizabeth Maccabe
Living and working in southern Ontario, I’ve seen first-hand that the biggest disruptive force affecting private companies is technology. Learning to adapt to the changing landscape will allow your business to stay ahead of the curve.

Elizabeth Maccabe

Canadian EY Private Assurance Leader

Proud advisor to the ambitious. Committed to delivering exceptional client service. Can be found at a rink or baseball diamond cheering on her son.

Elizabeth is the Canadian EY Private Assurance Leader and is one of our top business advisors in Canada. She specializes in the automotive and transport industry but is also respected for her work in the real estate, hospitality and construction industries.

Elizabeth has been practising since 1991 and brings a wealth of knowledge to the table for her clients to leverage. She’s worked in the industry as VP of finance and has first-hand experience of the challenges associated with growing a business. She now shares her expertise to leverage her global connections to guide her clients through their respective challenges.

Elizabeth has her CPA and CA designation.

How Elizabeth is building a better working world

"I’m building a better working world by helping private business owners meet their goals. By spending time getting to know business owners and other key decision makers I can better understand what their unique objectives are. This allows me to tailor my approach to better serve them and their needs."

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