Matt A. Chambers
As they navigate the looming uncertainty, utilities need to be armed with the tools to identify, understand and quantify the threats.

Matt A. Chambers

EY Global and Americas Power and Utilities Risk Leader

Risk management leader in power and utilities. Solving complex problems with pragmatic solutions. Avid snow skier. Sports lover. Father.

An accomplished utilities executive with extensive experience across regulated and deregulated electric, natural gas and water operations, Matt is the EY Global and Americas Power and Utilities Risk Leader. He works with EY utility clients to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the operating model used to identify, assess and respond to the most significant risks impacting success.

Matt is assisting EY clients in redesigning and implementing agile and resilient operating models in response to structural changes in the industry and the resulting changes to the risk profile.

Helping clients navigate these complex changes has been at the core of Matt’s professional career. He has guided electric, natural gas and water entities in Australia through corporatization and privatization and helped US electric entities reshape in response to deregulation. More recently, Matt has worked to transform the operating model for cybersecurity.

Matt earned a Bachelor’s degree in accounting from Monash University.

How Matt is building a better working world

“Solving complex problems with pragmatic solutions is what drives me - looking around the corner into the darkness, envisioning the future, and co-developing the map to get us there.”

“Utilities do more than provide safe and reliable essential services. In many communities, local utilities play a significant role in investing and improving the community as a whole. Helping utilities endure disruption to remain supportive fixtures in their communities helps build a better working world.”

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