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Industry 4.0 is here. How will you seize the upside to build better?

Paul Vail

EY Canada Advanced Manufacturing and Mobility Leader

Innovative consultant. Future focused. Sees opportunities at every stage of the business cycle.

Improving performance now drives long-term sustainability tomorrow. As EY Canada’s Advanced Manufacturing & Mobility Consulting Leader, Paul helps clients across this sector seize transformational opportunities to reinvent themselves and achieve that potential.  

With more than 15 years’ consulting experience, Paul’s guided national and international client engagements across North America, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific. Today, he leads multidisciplinary teams in identifying strategic finance, operations, manufacturing, customer and technology initiatives for manufacturers as they tackle today’s greatest business challenges. Paul’s focus on advanced manufacturing means he’s worked with clients across a wide range of industries, from automotive, chemical and industrial to aerospace, defense and transportation.

How Paul is building a better working world

“The way manufacturers seize change as a jumping-off point to transform allows them to build a more nimble, agile operation best suited to a market like ours. I love working alongside clients to identify those opportunities, and then design plans and programs that can unleash exponential growth, and a whole lot of innovation.”

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