Photographic portrait of Simon Wong

Simon Wong

EY Canada Associate Partner, Cybersecurity, Western Canada

Security professional. Coach. West Coaster.

Office Vancouver, CA

Knowing where your cybersecurity program stands is the first step to moving it forward. Simon is an associate partner who leads our cybersecurity practice in British Columbia, enabling the digital agenda for clients across Western Canada.

An experienced IT leader focused on cybersecurity consulting, Simon leads the kind of client conversations that help companies transform their cloud, data protection and digital identity practices, as well as their detection and response capabilities. From cybersecurity program maturity assessments, to threat exposure management, penetration testing and roadmap implementation, he empowers clients to understand the way risk is changing and align their programs accordingly.

Simon holds a Master’s of Business Administration in general management from the University of Manitoba, as well as a Bachelor of Computer Science from McGill University. He is a founding member of the Cloud Security Alliance’s Vancouver chapter and is a sought-after speaker on IT and cybersecurity hot topics. 

How Simon is building a better working world

“I’m passionate about making security thought leadership practical, actionable and effective. When we do that, we enable businesses and people to work more safely, intelligently and better in light of today’s quick-changing risk landscape.”

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